1. Wow, yesterday’s post reads a bit whiny. Here’s the thing about this little morning ritual: I usually only have about 20 minutes to think of something to say and then say it, which means most of what you’re reading is stuff I would edit out if I was taking the time to sit down and write a well thought out thing. But I rarely have the desire to do that, so I started this thing so I could just write everyday without the anxiety of “OK, I am sitting down to write now, this better be good!

    It’s Friday and I’m tired. I did a leg workout on Wednesday night, followed by a back workout yesterday, and then I played hockey from 9:45-11. In about 12 – 24 hours my muscles are going to realize what I’ve put them through and really start to hate me.

    I mostly took the summer off from playing hockey, but I did sign up for a skills class that ran once a week through July and August. I only started playing ice hockey in my early 20s, and as a result I’m a pretty average skater. My one advantage is I played a lot of competitive street hockey growing up, so my hands and shot are pretty good.

    I have a lot of respect for the people who take skills classes as adults. A lot of people reach adulthood and stop trying to get better at things. We all play the sport recreationally at this point, it doesn’t really matter how good we are to anyone except ourselves, but still, it matters. There was a guy in my class in his 40s who was a complete beginner. In 2010 he weighed 400 pounds. He’s shed at least 150 of that, and is now trying to learn a new skill. That’s remarkable.

  2. The conversation may not be an easy one. It will probably result in a litany of questions or positions expressed that have been shaped by years of misunderstanding, cultural misconceptions, ingrained attitudes or simply unfamiliarity with the issue, but it is of the upmost importance that these conversations happen.
    Man, @RegressedPDO articulates the complications of conversations on Twitter so much better than I could this morning. Read Hockey Twitter & Social Change.
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    I’m back writing with my old pals at Canucks Army. Enjoy!

  4. This is my favourite. From my final Canucks Quips column of the season at CanucksArmy.



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