1. Celebrating 1 year at Meade Design Group!

    Celebrating 1 year at Meade Design Group!

  2. Fun night taking in talks from some great local designers. #Thinklandia #yyj #design (at Wheelies Motorcycles)

    Fun night taking in talks from some great local designers. #Thinklandia #yyj #design (at Wheelies Motorcycles)

  3. As a designer, it’s been a while since I’ve been inspired by my city. Victoria, as beautiful as it is, doesn’t always appear visibly progressive. It’s easy to be in a bubble here, sticking to the same crowd and the same routine. But there is a quietly emerging culture that I’m starting to get excited about, and the folks behind the Rifflandia music festival are a big part of that. As a build-up to this weekend’s festival, they have been organizing a series of free talks around town dubbed Thinklandia. I attended the panel on design last night at Wheelies Motorcycles.

    There was a good mix of presenters, with a strategist, a graphic designer, an interior designer, and an architect. It was interesting to hear a few of them bring up the same issues I’ve been dealing with as a designer working in Victoria, and hear what their perspectives are on those issues. I’m short on time this morning so can’t dive in to everything, but I came out of the event with a different perspective on the state of local design, and a bit of renewed hope for the future of creative culture in this city. Just the fact that events like Thinklandia exist and there is a dedicated group of creative people attending is a terrific sign.

    Time to get to work.

  4. The beginning of a pattern has started to emerge here. Starting with the quote from Stanley Kubrick last week, and then the one from GQ’s cover story on Kanye West yesterday. The link is that one lifetime isn’t enough for a curious genius to pursue all their interests and accomplish all that they want to. But the cliché is true, especially when it comes to Kubrick: people live on through their work. A legacy is a form of immortality.

    I’m drinking a double espresso this morning, no milk. Just the straight goods. Yesterday I learned what a “flat white” is: two espresso shots with foamy milk. Wikipedia calls it “microfoam”, but I think that’s just foamy milk. The coffee vernacular is full of words that are meant to make the average person feel ignorant, so they will continue to pay someone else to make their coffee for them.

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