1. This is a great short documentary about the unfinished films of Stanley Kubrick.

    I have been fascinated with Kubrick for a few years now. I would call him my favourite director, though I haven’t even seen all of his films. It all started with this interview about 2001: A Space Odyssey, and his discussion about whether it is a religious film.

    Once you begin discussing such possibilities, you realize that the religious implications are inevitable, because all the essential attributes of such extraterrestrial intelligences are the attributes we give to God. What we’re really dealing with here is, in fact, a scientific definition of God. And if these beings of pure intelligence ever did intervene in the affairs of man, so far removed would their powers be from our own understanding. How would a sentient ant view the foot that crushes his anthill — as the action of another being on a higher evolutionary scale than itself? Or as the divinely terrible intercession of God?

    That sort of blew my mind. I come back to that interview every once in a while and re-read it. Then I go watch another one of his movies.

  2. We all agree this is very good and important, yes?

  3. A brief video I shot in Seville of a bunch of people carrying something very heavy across the street.

  4. Stunning music video by director Paul Trillo.

    (via The Fox is Black)