1. The defining moment of Rifflandia 2014: a meteor streaking across the sky during Death Cab for Cutie. It was band member Chris Walla’s final show with the band after 17 years. This year’s festival also had a space theme.

    So drama. Such poetic. Very Death Cab. Wow.

    I’m having Riff withdrawals. I need to hand someone a tiny piece of paper in exchange for a Phillips beer soon or I’m going to lose it. Death Cab and The New Pornographers were expectedly great on Saturday night, but I think my favourite shows came on Friday, when I was unexpectedly blown away by both Airborne and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien. The former was a throwback rock n’ roll show that hit every note necessary, and the latter was one of the best hip-hop shows I’ve ever seen.

    What a fitting end to a fantastic summer. It’s allowed to be Fall now.

  2. Every once in a while we, in a fit of restlessness, we rearrange everything in our living room. We flipped it completely a few months ago, and now we’re flipping it back. We don’t really own nice things, so why not? It keeps things interesting.

    We’re slowing giving our apartment a facelift. We bought an antique coffee table and refinished it. Meg stripped the kitchen table, repainted the legs white and stained the wood on top, then did the same to the chairs. They look great. It’s nice to own some cool furniture that we reworked ourselves.

    We ordered a brand new couch last week, too, hence the desire to flip the living room layout around once again. We bought this print from local artist Matt Andres. We’re block mounting a few nice black and white photographs from our trip to Spain.

    I’ve never had the disposable income nor permanency of residence necessary to feel like I should make my home visually appealing. I still don’t, to be clear, but there are things we can do. The impermanence of apartment living has lulled me into laziness, and I’ve never felt particularly inspired by my home, perhaps because it’s never felt like one.

  3. Incredible.



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