1. It’s the party of the century and Jack White is having a bad time.
via @AndrewCieslak

    It’s the party of the century and Jack White is having a bad time.

    via @AndrewCieslak

  2. The beginning of a pattern has started to emerge here. Starting with the quote from Stanley Kubrick last week, and then the one from GQ’s cover story on Kanye West yesterday. The link is that one lifetime isn’t enough for a curious genius to pursue all their interests and accomplish all that they want to. But the cliché is true, especially when it comes to Kubrick: people live on through their work. A legacy is a form of immortality.

    I’m drinking a double espresso this morning, no milk. Just the straight goods. Yesterday I learned what a “flat white” is: two espresso shots with foamy milk. Wikipedia calls it “microfoam”, but I think that’s just foamy milk. The coffee vernacular is full of words that are meant to make the average person feel ignorant, so they will continue to pay someone else to make their coffee for them.

    I have been working on designing patterns lately. This is a new thing for me, getting the chance to do this with an interior designer, and being exposed to that world. In a way I love the idea of designing something that can be repeated infinitely, only becoming more beautiful as it grows. A large pattern can look very complex, but at its core it is very simple — it’s really just one thing! Sometimes that one singular thing doesn’t look like much, but when it is repeated and linked together it becomes beautiful. But you always have to start with the singular thing.

  3. This is a multi-lifetime process that we have now embarked on.
    I don’t like this GQ cover story on Kanye quite as much as last year’s feature in The New York Times, but there are several gems. The last answer is cool.
  4. I hate the anxiety that technology gives me. I won’t mention the incident that inspired this writing, other than it involved Netflix and a lot of swearing.

    We’re at this highly weird crossroads in tech where so much is possible but we still have so much to figure out, specifically with household technology. You can stream shows and sporting events online, and mirror your computer to your TV magically through thin air. All your files on all your devices can sync seamlessly in the cloud. Your music and photos are accessible anywhere!

    The problem is that while these capabilities are there, they only seem to work properly about half the time. If you’ve been in your parents’ living room as your dad tried to figure out how to stream their vacation photos to their television, you can relate.

    I remember when simply surfing the Internet was a chore, when connections were slow and would drop constantly. Then, when you thought you were secure and were in the middle of your AltaVista search to find the best gaming chatroom, someone in the house would pick up the phone. Dammit, mom!

    I’m part of the last generation that will remember what it was like before the Internet. It’s amazing how quickly we’ve forgotten what that was like, and how much we expect now.