1. The defining moment of Rifflandia 2014: a meteor streaking across the sky during Death Cab for Cutie. It was band member Chris Walla’s final show with the band after 17 years. This year’s festival also had a space theme.

    So drama. Such poetic. Very Death Cab. Wow.

    I’m having Riff withdrawals. I need to hand someone a tiny piece of paper in exchange for a Phillips beer soon or I’m going to lose it. Death Cab and The New Pornographers were expectedly great on Saturday night, but I think my favourite shows came on Friday, when I was unexpectedly blown away by both Airborne and Del Tha Funkee Homosapien. The former was a throwback rock n’ roll show that hit every note necessary, and the latter was one of the best hip-hop shows I’ve ever seen.

    What a fitting end to a fantastic summer. It’s allowed to be Fall now.

  2. Just happy to be here.

    Just happy to be here.

  3. Tonight marks the start of the 7th year of Rifflandia. I’ve attended every year except the third. September has come to be one of my favourite months in Victoria, and this festival is a big reason why. When the organizers decided to transform the festival from one held in tiny bars and small outdoor squares to the 3-day extravaganza at Royal Athletic Park that it is now, I really think Rifflandia became the landmark cultural event of the year in this city.

    Last year I lucked into a pair of VIP tickets for cheap, and really experienced the festival on a new level. Perhaps I’ve become a Rifflandia elitist (I totally have), but I don’t know if I can go backwards now. That’s why last December Meg and I bought early bird VIP passes for this year. I highly recommend that to anyone; they’re only slightly more expensive than the standard pass is now, and about a hundred bucks cheaper than the full-price VIP pass.

    The lineup this year isn’t my favourite ever, but the lineup has become secondary; the ticket price is worth it for the experience alone. It’s amazing to see how the city comes alive. The park is full of delicious local food vendors, and of course the Phillips beer stand is a sight to behold. Oh yeah, and there is some pretty awesome live music on in the background.

    The only issue that seems to arise is that of stamina. Between the park and the night shows, I’ll be putting in 3 full days of standing, drinking, and head nodding. You would think I would learn to pace myself after six years of this, but I don’t think it’s possible. There’s simply too much to see and do at Rifflandia.

  4. Life is barely long enough to get good at one thing, so be careful what you get good at.
    True Detective


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